Welcome to English for Russians


Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been doing a lot of online lessons, and some of our clients have decided that they prefer to stay online. But we have resumed face-to-face tuition in central London, and courses are running just like before Covid, if this you your preferred mode of learning. We look forward to seeing you online and offline!

If your mother tongue is Russian and you're looking for English lessons for Russians and/or Russian speakers in London, we are here to help you.

Vlada Koroleva (MPhil) and her team of professional and experienced tutors offer English tuition to native speakers of Russian. We specialise in tailor-made English courses for Russians and Russian speakers at all levels, including help with all commonly required exams, for private individuals and companies.

Being Russian native speakers ourselves, we understand the difficulties faced by Russian learners of English. We know the typical mistakes to look out for, and can explain to you in Russian how the English language works.

Contact Vlada for private English lessons for Russians and Russian speakers, both online and in London.