About Vlada

Vlada Koroleva, MA in Linguistics, is the Principal Tutor and proprietor of the Just Russian group, a company that provides Russian and English language training and consultancy in the London area and online.

While teaching a lot of courses herself, she also manages and supervises her team of freelance tutors. Vlada personally assesses all new clients before assigning a tutor to the course. She provides all course documents and training plans to ensure students enjoy the highest possible standard of tuition.


Vlada was born and grew up in Moscow. She is a graduate of Moscow State University, Faculty of Philology (MA in English Linguistics) and Coventry University, School of International Studies and Law (MA in International Law, Diplomacy and Politics, 1997).

Before moving to the UK in 1999, Vlada worked as a Lecturer at Moscow State Linguistic University, the best language teaching school in Russia. Later she became a lecturer at Moscow State University, teaching English at the Law Department.

In the UK, she has been teaching both Russian and English as a freelance tutor for the last 10 years, including work as a Russian lecturer at Kingston University, Surrey.

Current work and clients

Vlada’s teaching experience is vast, and her professional reputation is impeccable. She has helped hundreds of students to acquire and improve a vital life skill – the knowledge of English, pass exams and achieve goals. She and her tutors work with a wide range of students at all levels. Among her clients are leading professionals in different spheres from all Russian speaking countries, high profile and high net value individuals and of course private individuals residing in different countries.

Published works

Vlada is one of the authors of the “Just English” series of original textbooks (English for Lawyers), which have sold more than 200,000 copies in Russia and were awarded the Moscow University Shuvalov Prize in 2000.

The five original textbooks and course books of this series, originally written for Moscow University students, later proved popular more widely, and are used by law students at universities throughout Russia and the former Soviet states.