About us

The authors and managers of this site are university lecturers, linguists with many years of teaching and publishing experience behind them. Our teaching business operates from Moscow to London and Surrey in the UK. If you are interested in learning English in London with highly qualified, Russian speaking professionals, please contact us.

English Tuition and Courses

Vlada Koroleva-McAree is Principal Tutor of Just Russian. She and her freelance tutors offer English lessons for Russian-speaking students at all levels – from beginners to very advanced. Courses can vary from general colloquial English to English for special purposes (business, finance, banking, law etc). Also, we can create courses in discrete aspects of English, such as improving your grammar or accent. Rates for 1:1 lessons start at £35 per hour.

Why Choose English for Russians

By choosing English for Russians you’ll get the advantage of working with experienced professionals who have been running English courses for many years, both in Russia and in the UK. Being native speakers of Russian ourselves, we can explain to you in your mother tongue how the English language works and give you a lot of comparisons of the two languages and translation practice.

Translation (especially from your mother tongue into a foreign language) is a valuable exercise which brings together all aspects of language learning: the use of vocabulary, grammar, idiom, spelling. It’s an important part of the language learning process that will not be given to you by English native speakers, in English language schools around London.

We know and understand the root causes of typical mistakes that Russian native speakers make (the most obvious one is the use of articles “a” and “the” that simply do not exist in Russian). We understand your learning priorities and needs and have practical answers to your questions.

By meeting the Principal Tutor before starting the course, you can get answers to all your questions from a professional teacher and not from a language school representative (salesman) who is normally not a teacher and whose final objective is just to sell a course. We will not start a course with you unless we are sure that your objectives are realistic. Also, we will not require payment for large blocks of hours up front: you can pay in small portions and stop the lessons at any time if for some reason you cannot carry on.

Benefits of a 1:1 English Course

The benefits of lessons on a one-to-one basis with an experienced tutor are obvious: your course will be tailor-made, you will be moving at your own pace, your progress will be closely monitored, and any problems you encounter in learning the language can be addressed specifically.

All our tutors have been living in Britain for a long time, so they can also give you information about the British lifestyle, culture, points of etiquette – and other things that may considerably differ from the Russian culture.

By choosing 1:1 lessons with English for Russians, you choose exclusivity, professionalism and a personal approach to tuition.

Getting Started With Your English Course

Contact Vlada to have a chat about your learning needs. This is your chance to get some friendly, free advice and information from somebody who knows all about English language teaching and learning! If you decide to go ahead with lessons, we will design a course suitable for you, taking into account your learning goals and your time-schedule.

You can also have a free assessment of your current level of English. Vlada provides all students with training plans and recommends the most suitable course materials. We use course books published both in Russia and the UK, as well as our own “home-made” handouts.

Our History

English for Russians is a sister site of Just Russian, a Russian teaching website that has been successfully working since 2005, attracting a large number of clients – people of all nationalities, learning Russian as a foreign language.

In its turn, Just Russian is the British counterpart of a project that has been successfully running at Moscow State University since 1996. The Moscow project Just English is an English language teaching system that specialises in legal English for Russian lawyers. The system comprises course work in several text books, which have proved extremely popular in Russia and other Russian speaking countries (more than 200,000 copies have been sold to date).

The authors of the Just English series were awarded a prestigious Shuvalov Prize (2002) for young authors at Moscow University.