Materials and methodology

We use both Russian and British materials for our courses. Experience shows that for more academic courses Russian textbooks and grammar books work well, and for a “lighter” colloquial and interactive approach, modern British textbooks are best.

Needless to say, British-produced textbooks of English as a foreign language (written in English only) will be accompanied by grammar and vocabulary explanations in Russian, and supplemented by translation exercises.

We also have a large collection of “home-made” material, created by Vlada and other tutors throughout many years of teaching. Vlada is always happy to share materials with her team, to achieve the best results.

For individual 1:1 tuition, your tutor will create tailor-made materials designed specially for you, to address your problem areas in language learning, or to help you learn the vocabulary.

As far as the methodology is concerned, we use a variety of methods, depending on students’ preferences: from a classical academic approach to a light communicative one. We believe that it’s up to our clients to decide how to approach learning the language, although of course we will advise on how to do it best.