One to one English courses

  1. General courses
    These focus on everyday English. They are tailor made to suit the needs of individual students. Every client gets an individual approach and therefore achieves the best possible results. These courses are very flexible and varied. They can be run at all levels – from complete beginner to very advanced
  2. Business courses
    These are tailor made to suit the needs of business executives. We are aware that executives have little time and learn the language for specific reasons, so such courses focus on the business environment and specialist vocabulary
  3. Specialised courses
    These are designed for advanced learners, focusing on different aspects of the English language: newspaper, business, finance, legal vocabulary, grammar, translation and interpreting skills, plus other language applications. Learners’ own materials are welcome (e.g. work-related documents) and we guarantee confidentiality

Before starting a course, you can arrange an introductory online meeting with Vlada, who will assess your level and suggest a training plan and appropriate materials for the course. This initial consultation is free of charge. If you decide to go ahead with a course, you will be either assigned a tutor who will work with you or Vlada will teach you herself, depending on your schedule requirements.